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Download The Perfect Man Full Movie | Can I Download The Perfect Man The Movie

Posted on: March 19, 2013

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Genres: Romance , Family , Comedy
Actors: Philip Akin , James McGowan , Gerry Mendicino , Maggie Castle , Michelle Nolden , Carson Kressley , Aria Wallace , Kym Whitley , Caroline Rhea , Vanessa Lengies , Ben Feldman , Mike O’Malley , Chris Noth , Heather Locklear , Hilary Duff
Director: Mark Rosman
Country: United States
Year: 2005
IMDB Rating: 5.2/10 (14597 votes)

Teenager Holly Hamilton is tired of moving every time her single mom Jean has another personal meltdown involving yet another second-rate guy. To distract her mother from her latest bad choice, Holly conceives the perfect plan for the perfect man.. an imaginary secret admirer who will romance Jean and boost her shaky self-esteem. When the virtual relationship takes off, Holly finds herself having to produce the suitor, borrowing her friend’s charming and handsome Uncle Ben as the face behind the e-mails, notes and gifts. Holly must resort to increasingly desperate measures to keep the ruse alive and protect her mom’s newfound happiness, almost missing the real perfect man when he does come along.

Film Review

Hilary Duff has never made a movie on her own that I've liked. "A Cinderella Story" was mediocre at best and "Raise Your Voice" had to be on the worst films of 2004. "The Perfect Man" is another Duff vehicle that received horrid reviews, which is funny because I actually thought it was sort of decent. It is the type of movie that is bland and indistinguishable, yes, but also decently so. The storyline zips along with enough plausibility and chuckles for you to feel like the rental fee was worth it. Unlike "A Cinderella Story" and "Raise Your Voice," Duff is not a victim this time, which was refreshing. In fact, she's can be narcissistic and cruel. Heather Locklear plays her distressed mom, and I haven't seen any of her other films but I thought she was believable enough. Ben Feldman is affable as Duff's love interest and Chris Noth is quite good as a charming restraunteer. Speaking of Noth, a good way to sum up "Th…

THE PERFECT MAN was really boring, uninteresting, unrealistic and had a storyline and characters that were two-dimensional. Also, the dialogue was extremely cheesy and the storyline had quite a few holes which spoiled the movie. Actually as a matter of fact, this movie was very soapy which was also another spoiler. Any film that's soapy containing actress Hilary Duff, is a real pain in the ass (no offense Hilary Duff, but those soapy films you're in are real shockers). I am not going to tell you the storyline because I kept tuning out because it was so unlikeable. If you were wondering why I even watched this movie, it's because I was at a party and my friends rented some pretty good films, but don't ask why one of my friends rented this one.However, the two reasons why I'm saving this film from zero stars is because it did have some good jokes. But some does not mean a lot, that's for sure.Overall, save your money and don't watch this.

I didn't really like Hilary Duff who played Holly, but the story was okay. It was interesting about how Holly tried to get her mom and her friends uncle to hook up, but it wasn't nice. I would be really mad if someone did that to me, but I liked how everything turned out. I'm glad that at the end of the movie, Holly's family ended up staying in the same house, but I found it very ironic how they never even moved once in the middle of the movie, and only once at the beginning to help show the story of how Holly's mother moved after every time she got dumped. The story was fine, but the actors were bad. Nothing really seemed to be perfect at all, so I give this movie seven stars. It was fine, but not good or great.

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