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Posted on: March 19, 2013

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Genres: Horror
Actors: Bay Bruner , Griff Furst , Chriss Anglin , Bobby James , Brandon Stacy , James Ferris , Scott Carson , Charles Schneider , Deadlee , Lazzarus Gomez , Raul Perez , Spencer Jones , David Shick , Roman Vigdorov , Berna Roberts
Director: Peter Mervis
Country: United States
Year: 2005
IMDB Rating: 3.4/10 (1000 votes)

After killing four persons in his home with a shotgun, Dee Travis claims that he had accidentally ingested an experimental biotoxin that the company Blackthorn where he worked was researching. Travis is sent visibly ill to the Harwood Maximum Security Prison and the Security Officer Sweeny sends the inmate to the infirmary. Meanwhile the CDC Agent Samantha Beckett comes to the prison to interview Travis and is received by Warden Mahler. While they are having a conversation, they are informed that Travis has been transferred to the solitary confinement and his infected blood has caused an outbreak among the prisoners and guards. Samantha calls the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and the responsible advises the warden that the prison is in quarantine.

Film Review

I admit I have a weakness for zombie films, but this one is just boring. Though the premise sounds like fun and the gore isn't that bad overall and the movie starts promising fun, most dialogs are just plain stupid even for a B movie: A character that is supposed to have done research in biological warfare or something similar and suggests treating a virus with antibiotics isn't even funny anymore. The scene where the priest gets infected is just ridiculously stupid (the only scene where I actually had something to laugh about) with characters (and not just one) doing a complete turnaround in their opinions from one sentence to another. Sadly the film lacks any kind of originality except for the prison setting and except for some extremely stupid dialogs there is no humor to be found. Overall a boring, stupid movie not worth watching.

Story: A low budget zombie movie set in a prison. The new inmate is infected with a virus that turns people into rabid zombies.Review: The characters were shallow and acting was terrible. The special effects got very annoying. (There are only so many fast moving zombie attacks that can be shot and sped up before it becomes annoying.) Forget a script; the entire budget was spent on gore. The gore is the only highlight of the film. It is very plentiful. Unfortunately, too much gore gets boring after a while.This movie is only recommended for gore hounds. Everyone else should avoid it.

…but "Dead Men Walking" tries awfully hard to nail down the dishonor. I'm startled to notice that male IMDbers 18 and under are the cohort with the most accurate rating of this piece of trash. Penned with all the savoir faire of a middle-schooler (and I really don't mean to demean middle-schoolers), directed with all the lifelessness of an aspiring Ed Wood, Jr., and lensed by someone who apparently specializes in direct-to-video knockoffs of infinitely better films, this sad turkey has virtually no redeeming features whatsoever. It's a dud that makes junk like "Days of Darkness" look like "Citizen Kane." Did I mention that the script sucks? It does, and the direction, production values, and acting aren't much better, once again proving that you can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear. Indifferent acting aside, even the casting sucks, with the most egregious offenders being zombie extras who can't seem to get it out …

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