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Download Call Me Madam Full Movie | How To Download Call Me Madam The Full Movie

Posted on: March 19, 2013

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Genres: Comedy , Musical , Romance
Actors: Ethel Merman , Donald O’Connor , Vera-Ellen , George Sanders , Billy De Wolfe , Helmut Dantine , Walter Slezak , Steven Geray , Ludwig Stössel , Lilia Skala , Charles Dingle , Emory Parnell , Percy Helton
Director: Walter Lang
Country: United States
Year: 1953
IMDB Rating: 6.8/10 (566 votes)

Washington hostess Sally Adams becomes a Truman-era US ambassador to a European grand duchy.

Film Review

Ethel Merman certainly proved her comedic gifts in this 1953 gem of a musical.Loosely based on Pearl Mesta, "Call Me Madam" deals with a female ambassador to an imaginary kingdom.Merman pulls out all the stops in blasting away such nostalgic music. She certainly was the hostess with the most.What makes the film so good is that she is ably supported by a great cast including Donald O'Connor, who played her bad boy son in "There's No Business Like Show Business." In this film he portrays a reporter who finds romance while assigned to her. He is with the wonderful, charming Vera-Ellen.George Sanders, with a thick European accent, shines here as a count. He gets away from the usual cads that he played in films.Billy de Woolf is his usual irritating but wonderful self here.

I was delighted to see Call Me Madam out on DVD. I saw the movie at the theaters when it first came out and loved it. Ethel Merman is a sheer delight and in great voice; George Sanders surprisingly has a great singing voice; Donald O’Conner and Vera Ellen dance wonderfully together. The Technicolor is beautiful. The songs by Irving Berlin are wonderful. This is my favorite musical and gives people the opportunity to see Ethel Merman at her best and understand why she wowed them on Broadway for nearly three decades. The comments on the DVD are very good–the gentleman knows what he is talking about and is able to identify all the character actors and compare and contrast the movie with the Broadway show from which it was taken. A great buy!

Cover your ears, here's Ethel Merman, shouting her dialogue and her songs – many of them at George Sanders. She's the American hostess becoming ambassador to a small European kingdom and falling in love with the foreign minister, in this colourful adaptation of a stage musical. Merman's performance is enormous: far too big for the film, and though she raises a handful of laughs with a fitfully witty script, she's pretty grating. Thank goodness then for second leads Donald O'Connor and Vera-Ellen, who light up the screen as one of cinema's most enchanting couples. O'Connor's drunken barroom dance is the absolute highlight here, but the pair's six numbers (four of them together) are all delightful. Sanders is amiable but bland. A good supporting cast and some wonderful sets help.(3 out of 4)

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