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Download Boys and Girls Full Movie | Boys and Girls The Movie To Download

Posted on: March 19, 2013

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Genres: Drama , Romance , Comedy
Actors: Sean Maysonet , Amanda Detmer , Jason Biggs , Alyson Hannigan , Freddie Prinze Jr. , Blake Shields , David Smigelski , Claire Forlani , Raquel Beaudene , Gay Thomas-Wilson , Brendon Ryan Barrett , John X , Tsianina Joelson , Kristofer Mickelson , Matt Carmody
Director: Robert Iscove
Country: United States
Year: 2000
IMDB Rating: 5.0/10 (10005 votes)

Jennifer and Ryan are students at UC Berkeley, acquaintances off and on since early adolescence. She’s quick, witty, ironic, literary, and independent; he’s deliberate, literal, serious, studying structural engineering, always working on a plan. They take walks, they console each other over break-ups, he shares his plans. She’s headed for Italy after graduation. Then, to their equal surprise, they spend a night together. Her response is to skitter away from continued intimacy and want to stay friends; he’s hurt by her response, so he withdraws. Can it all get sorted out before she leaves town?

Film Review

… this was an awful movie! My friends talked me into seeing it, saying "Hey, the movie looks really good! We should go see it!" So I went to see in in the theaters with my girlfriend at the time and my two friends. I was disappointed 30 minutes into the movie already, and it didn't get any better. It simply was not funny! In any way! It had no laughs! On top of that, the three stupid teenagers in the row in front of us were annoying the hell out of me! The only thrill I got out of this movie was going outside afterwards and giving those stupid teenagers a piece of my mind about staying quiet during a movie. That's it. This movie is so unmemorable, that I don't even remember the plot. I only saw it once, and I will never watch it again, and if you want to save yourself from a headache, you shouldn't either.

The film opens with a song called "Love Stinks", that should be retitled "This Film Stinks", because it does, from director Robert Iscove (She's All That). Basically Ryan Walker and Jennifer Burrows met each other as youngsters on a plane, and seven years, they encounter each other again in UC Berkeley high school. Jennifer (Meet Joe Black's Claire Forlani) is quick, witty, ironic, literary and independent, and Ryan (I Know What You Did Last Summer's Freddie Prinze Jr.) is deliberate, literal, serious and studying structural engineering. They become best friends, consoling each other over break-ups, and Ryan shares his plans, Ryan's roommate Hunter/Steve (American Pie's Jason Biggs) is surprised they aren't getting together. Jennifer is going to Italy after graduation, and surprisingly they spend a night together, after which she skitters away saying they should just be friends, and he is withdrawing also. In the end though, very predictable…

It seems I'm going against the stream here. Pretty much everyone else here seems to like this movie, although I really, REALLY can't possibly imagine why.Until this day, I used to compare all crappy movies to "Isolation". A horrible attempt at a horror-movie, involving of all things a cow. But as of now, whenever I see a really bad movie, I'm going to think "Well, at least it wasn't as bad as Boys and Girls".This movie is about… eh.. two people – a girl and a boy – who bump into each other at random places at regular intervals. And when they do, they start a boring conversation that usually ends with them disagreeing over something pointless, and parting again. These dialogs are not at all funny, not interesting, and most of the time, they don't make any sense at all.The editing is also confusing. Entire years pass by in a cut without any indication hereof, other than the changing hairstyles of the characters. Several breakups take place, with…

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