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Posted on: March 19, 2013

  • In: Crime | Drama | Thriller
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Genres: Crime , Thriller , Drama
Actors: Bernard Giraudeau , Jean-Pierre Lorit , Florence Thomassin , Charles Berling , Jean-Pierre Léaud , Artus de Penguern , Laurent Spielvogel , Elisabeth Macocco , Anne-Marie Philipe , Delphine Zingg , David D’Ingeo , Frédéric De Goldfiem , Patrick Zimmermann , Claude Lesko , Vincent Tepernowski
Director: Bernard Rapp
Country: France
Year: 2000
IMDB Rating: 6.9/10 (1166 votes)

Nicolas, a handsome, young waiter, is befriended by Frédéric Delamont, a wealthy middle-aged businessman. Delamont, a man of power, influence and strictly refined tastes, is immediately smitten by Nicolas’ charm. Lonely and phobic, Delamont offers Nicolas a lucrative job as his personal food taster. In spite of their differences, a close friendship begins to emerge between the two men. However, their bond of trust and admiration soon spirals downward into a dangerous game of deceit and obsession for which neither is prepared.

Film Review

Bernard Giraudeau plays Frederic Delamont, a wealthy, and eccentric, middle aged man who hires Nicolas Riviere, a waiter in an upscale restaurant, to be his "taster". It's a premise that is at least unusual, if not downright unique. Delamont has phobias for certain foods, especially fish and cheese. It's up to Nicolas to shield Delamont from these offensive foods.As the story unfolds, Nicolas, who has a girlfriend and seems reasonably well adjusted, becomes gradually more ensnared into Delamont's life, to the dismay of the girlfriend. But the perks are nice for Nicolas, so he continues. It's a trap, though, and the question becomes: can Nicolas escape the trap before it's too late.Although the film's premise is interesting, the plot is slow going, and at times tedious. I'm baffled at Delamont's motivations. He's a powerful businessman who can presumably pull the strings of any number of employees or business associates. Why does he feel th…

Indeed, Une Affaire de Gout and another Bernard Rapp movie titled Tiré à Part share something in common. Both movies are strongly and quite realistically inspired by the trade of espionage. Not at all of the fantasy kind one can find in 007 movies, but of authentic dark and uncanny intrigues underlying an exciting visible side of the world of intelligence that, often, either owes little to commonly accepted realities, or is purposefully inspired by the most presentable historic examples. In other words, all those who feel attracted by the underground realm of espionage must first watch, among some other good movies on the subject, Une Affaire de Gout, and Tiré à Part.To tell it straightforwardly, Une Affaire de Gout truly relates to a richly detailed recruitment process through classic Pavlovian methods. Just the real goals and aims are never explicitly and clearly explained, or even suggested, contrary to what is the case in other movies such as Spy Game, …

The meaning of "taste" is in question throughout. Previous comments center only on psychopathology or cinematography, with little mention of language. I think the variable meanings of words, whether the French dialogue or the English subtitles, is the key to understanding this rather transparent but mildly engaging film.The most obvious example has to do with the title, of course. When "taste" of any sort runs headlong into a wall of insensate and objective laws or rules of behavior, it is reduced to meaningless metaphor. Individuality is thus ultimately rendered a nullity. That is the central meaning of the film.Self-destruction brought about by some sense of one’s inability to achieve a perfect harmony with another’s unique personality has therefore nothing and yet everything to do with "taste." It is as well the essence of narcissism.This film could have been conceived and produced only in France.

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