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Posted on: March 18, 2013

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Genres: Romance , Crime , Comedy
Actors: Lamberto Gutierrez , Matt Schulze , Gene Simmons , Lidia Porto , Javier Gutiérrez , T.J. Miller , Beth Grant , David Koechner , Dustin Milligan , Clifton Collins Jr. , J.K. Simmons , Ben Affleck , Kristen Wiig , Mila Kunis , Jason Bateman
Director: Mike Judge
Country: United States
Year: 2009
IMDB Rating: 6.2/10 (25901 votes)

Joel, the owner of an extract manufacturing plant, constantly finds himself in precarious situations that steadily worsen by the minute. First, his soon-to-be floor manager acquires a serious injury in a machine malfunctioning accident that subsequently endangers the wellbeing of his company. Second, his personal life doesn’t fair much better when he takes the advice of his bartending friend Dean during a drug-induced brainstorming session on how to test his wife’s faithfulness. Finally, compounding these catastrophes is new employee Cindy, who happens to be a scam artist intent on milking the company for all its worth. Now, Joel must attempt to piece his company and his marriage back together all while trying to figure out what he’s really after in life.

Film Review

I've been a fan of Officespace for much longer than I am prepared to admit. It makes me feel old. Judge's follow up, Idiocracy, was entertaining, but the premise was funnier than the majority of the film. With Extract, Judge has simplified things and allowed the comedy to shine. Bateman is the typical comedy loser, things are bad and in his own twisted way of improving situations, he makes them worse. He's surrounded by a likable and endearing cast of supporting characters, each with their own humorous quirks. The dialogue is wonderful and the situations awkward. Kunis is perfectly cast and it's nice to see Wiig in a bigger role, even if she only shines towards the end. Not quite as observational or cutting as Officespace, but it still has it's moments.

This is a comedy that is very funny in bits and pieces but for some reason the final product seemed incomplete. Essentially, "Joel" (played by Jason Bateman) is the owner of an extract producing company who is sexually frustrated because his wife "Suzie" (Kristen Wiig) never seems to be in the mood for sex. While talking to his best friend, "Dean" (Ben Affleck) he accidentally takes some Ketamine and while under its influence, Dean manages to convince him to hire a gigolo named "Brad" (Dustin Milligan) to have an affair with his wife. He reasons that if she has an affair, he won't feel guilty about having his own affair with a newly hired employee named "Cindy" (Mila Kunis). While all of this is going on, events at the company begin to spin out-of-control as well. Again, there are several amusing scenes. Unfortunately, I got the feeling that something was missing. Ben Affleck was outstanding. Jason Bateman also performed rather we…

Jason Bateman is Joel, who went to college in Chemistry, and as a kid growing up noticed that grandma's cookie dough had a much better flavor than the baked cookies. he realized the baking process caused much of the flavor to evaporate, so his big innovation was to use a unique bonding chemical structure that holds in the flavor better. This resulted in his flavor business, as owner and chief Chemist of the company he called "Extract", making and bottling flavor extracts.The filming was mostly done in a real S. California bottling plant, using some workers as actors and extras. In my former job I have been in many similar manufacturing plants and this gave the whole film a real tone and look.Things are going well for Joel, the business is doing well and in fact a larger company is showing interest in buying them out. Joel considers the prospect of retiring very young. Until a hapless employee causes a chain reaction resulting in an injury and a possible lawsuit.But thin…

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