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Posted on: March 15, 2013

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Genres: Drama , Horror , Sci-Fi
Actors: Claude Rains , Gloria Stuart , William Harrigan , Henry Travers , Una O’Connor , Forrester Harvey , Holmes Herbert , E.E. Clive , Dudley Digges , Harry Stubbs , Donald Stuart , Merle Tottenham
Director: James Whale
Country: United States
Year: 1933
IMDB Rating: 7.7/10 (13118 votes)

A scientist turns himself invisible. However, the formula slowly drives him insane, causing him to terrorize the countryside as an invisible killer.

Film Review

James Whale's 1933 adaptation of H.G Well's novel is still a jaw dropping experience seen all these years later.The brilliant invisibility effects are astonishing,even more so considering the simplistic way they were achieved(having Rains dressed in black velvet and filming in front of a black velvet background).The reason behind the films continued success lies not just with the effects but in the performances.Most notably that of Claude Rains,managing to give us a character who's both dignified and terrifying in equal measure.This was Rains first sound film and the one that really kick-started his career.He took on the role after Boris Karloff turned it down(due to the fact the character is not seen until the end)and is superb.Jack Griffin(Claude Rains)is a scientist who after discovering a formula which causes invisibility tries it on himself and is horrified to discover he can't change back.He checks into an Inn(wearing visible bandages and sunglasses) to recup…

The Invisible Man is a wonderfully engrossing, effervescent, funny – and yes – scary film. Director James Whale delivered another masterpiece for Universal Pictures with this uniquely British story; Like The Old Dark House, it's still a shock to realise the movie was made in Hollywood.H.G. Wells' lightly comic novel has its basic storyline adhered to only in the first couple of reels, but from the splendid opening sequence when the heavily bandaged Jack Griffin arrives at the village of Iping, seeking a room and quiet to work on his experiment – IE, the way back to visibility – to the strangely poignant ending the spirit of Wells is never forgotten. Claude Raines was the perfect choice for the lead, Boris Karloff having temporarily walked out on Universal in a contract dispute. Whale fills the film with eccentric actors such as Una O'Connor and E.E. Clive and throws in a cameo from Dwight Frye and a bit part for John Carradine.Scene after scene sticks in the mind – Grif…

Despite being somewhat of a fan of Claude Rains, I hadn't watched this movie since I was a kid. So first, thanks to TCM for bringing a good version of the print back to television! The film begins with a great scene of the invisible man — all bundled up, of course — walking through a horrible winter's night toward an inn out in the country. The inn keeper's wife makes up a room for him, and that inn keeper is played by the classic Una O'Connor, just 3 years into her movie contract. What a hoot she is (although I remember her best from "Random Harvest").The primary supporting cast is interesting. Gloria Stuart — the 100 year old in "The Titanic" plays love interest Flora Cranley, and the venerable Henry Travers plays her father — Dr. Cranley, a colleague of the invisible man. Considering the nature of many of Travers' later supporting roles, this is a bit of a surprise, but he actually does very well as a scientific doctor. Watch also fo…

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