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Posted on: March 15, 2013

Genres: Adventure , Horror , Thriller
Actors: Richard Harris , Charlotte Rampling , Will Sampson , Bo Derek , Keenan Wynn , Robert Carradine , Scott Walker , Peter Hooten , Wayne Heffley , Vincent Gentile , Don ‘Red’ Barry
Director: Michael Anderson
Country: United States
Year: 1977
IMDB Rating: 5.2/10 (5140 votes)

After witnessing his mate and child’s death from Nolan’s hands, Orca, the killer whale, goes on a rampage in the fishermen’s harbor. Under the villagers’ pressure, Nolan, Rachel and an Indian sail after the great beast, who will bring them on his own turf.

Film Review

Considered one of the finest British actors of the 1960s, classically-trained, baritone-voiced thespian Richard Harris seemed to make all the wrong movie choices once his Hollywood cache gathered momentum in the mid-'70s. As a blowhard bounty hunter becoming the hunted–on the seas of Newfoundland by a revenge-seeking killer whale–Harris offers us nothing but his mercurial temperament. This is a movie property even Robert Shaw would have passed on! As directed by Michael Anderson, this "Jaws" wannabe has only camp pleasures, very little suspense, and a tacky finale. Inoffensive for what it is–low-rent swill, a quickie matinée thriller–the film doesn't leave the slightest memorable trace behind. Then-unknown Bo Derek (in a leg cast!) re-teamed with Harris in 1981 for "Tarzan, the Ape Man"; her most memorable moment here happens when Orca takes said-cast off the hard way. *1/2 from ****

Well, some people hate this film and pass it off as rubbish or nonsense while I guess others may love it. I would say it is watchable and a reasonable effort.The main plus points are the legend that is Richard Harris as the star – not including the whale! – some tense and interesting scenes and a score by one of probably the 2 finest film soundtrack composers: Ennio Morricone.I would suggest people should watch and judge for themselves whether some obvious lack of reality and nonsensical aspects detract more or less than I feel they do from the film.A mixed bag of success and failure.

I found 'Orca' to be pretty disturbing (especially the fetus part). what i didn't really like about it was the fact that nature's most powerful, and probably most harmless creature was displayed as a monster. it's true Orcas are very intelligent, but they're not smart enough to become so angry and hunt down a human! the special effects could've been improved. the main villain (orca) is basically stock footage replayed over and over again, while there's a stiff mechanical Orca swimming around that looks like Shamu. Also, in the scene where the orca blows up half of the village(!!!) that 'orca' that keeps rising out of the water is the same animated picture that keeps being played over and over. As i said earlier, this film is disturbing for a few reasons. It's too bloody and it's offensive to people who admire whales. Also, the plot is very unrealistic. How? ORCAS DON'T EAT PEOPLE!! what was Michael Anderson thinking?! no wonder this …

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