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Download Ghost Game Full Movie | High Quality Ghost Game Movie

Posted on: March 15, 2013

  • In: Comedy | Horror
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Genres: Comedy , Horror
Actors: Alexandra Barreto , Shelby Fenner , Curt Cornelius , Aaron Patrick Freeman , Robert Berson , Peter Cilella , Eric Scott Woods , Danielle Hartnett , Caroline D’Amore , Sahra Silanee , Sarah Shoup , Jamie Alexander
Director: Joe Knee
Country: United States
Year: 2004
IMDB Rating: 2.6/10 (386 votes)

7 Friends go out to cabin for a weekend of relaxing and find a game that should not be opened!

Film Review

Ghost Game tells the tale of two couples & close friends, Abbey (Shelby Fenner) & Nate (Peter Cilella) plus Dara (Alexandra Barreto) & Randy (Curt Cornelius) who decide to get together for a camping weekend. They drive deep into the isolated forest wilderness where the Buckhorn River Resort is located miles from civilisation, the resort manager Simon (Eric Woods) points them in the general direction of their cabin & they’re off. Sebastian (Aaron Patrick Freeman) along with his girlfriend Talia (Danielle Hartnett) & an idiot named Cousin Ted (Robert Berson) also turn up later on to join the party. Unfortunately being stuck in a log cabin in the middle of nowhere without so much a as Playstation can understandably become boring (a bit like watching this film in fact) so they decide to do things the old fashioned way & play a board game. They come across a metal box with what looks like a game of some sort inside & despite the worrying ‘Do Not Play This Game’ …

I'm just going to lay it out there, no holds barred. The whole "haha sexism" macho posturing thing does not save a movie from being poorly written and produced. It does not give every crappy movie unearned legitimacy. If anyone watching has half a brain and any semblance of self respect at all, they *will* see this trash for exactly what it is.It's one thing to make a low budget movie. But it's another to intentionally produce complete garbage with no redeeming value whatsoever.Everything is cheap. The costumes are cheap. They were probably in the bargain bin at Goodwill. The props are cheap. The plot device of sexism being interjected in every other sentence is cheap. The ghost make up is ripped from the cult classic Carnival of Souls, and therefore cheap. The setting and scenery looks like some backwoods camping retreat tolerated the camera crew long enough to get some free advertising and exposure. *Some* of the actors are competent, but whatever talent the…

I have seen 1000's of films from bad to great, and this one barely ranks as watchable.The story has already been given by a poster, so no need for that. The wife and I sat down to watch this one with hopes. After 15 minutes we knew it was bad. We would have turned it off then, but we had hopes it would get better.After 40 minutes into I was wanting to pull my hair out. We knew at this time we just had to get through it. After this awful thing finally played out, I actually took the DVD out and smashed it with a hammer. The only movie I have ever done that to.I feel for anyone who sits through this entire thing!

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