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Posted on: March 15, 2013

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Genres: Drama
Actors: Art Frankel , Edith Fields , Mayank Bhatter , Robert Khakh , Shyloh Oostwald , Jane Clark , Heather Howe , Erin Carufel , Mary Wells , Sabrina Fuster , Connor Kramme , Sam Harris , Gary Weeks , Traci Dinwiddie , Necar Zadegan
Director: Nicole Conn
Country: United States
Year: 2010
IMDB Rating: 6.0/10 (1523 votes)

Peyton and Elena are, on the surface, diametrically opposed – one, a well-known lesbian writer, the other a mother and wife of a pastor – but when their paths cross, several times over, they feel compelled to connect. What begins as friendship quickly blossoms into something deeper. Peyton tries to extricate herself before her heart wants what it can’t have. Elena can’t imagine not having Peyton in her life. And despite the fact that she has never even considered kissing a woman, Elena is overwhelmed with a desire to do just that. Despite Peyton’s reservations, Elena pushes the relationship into a full-blown affair. The two women fall deeply in love, both keenly aware a future together might be little more than a dream.

Film Review

saw the trailer for this movie and waited patiently for it to be released on DVD. Nicole conn is just a handful of lesbian filmmakers out there and this was the best of the bunch…aside from the awful Claire of the moon. it has the standard and predictable story of a married woman with a teenage son who is having difficulties in her marriage and realizes she has fallen out of love with her husband who just happens to be a pastor of the local church.Elena the title character and her husband Barry are trying to have another child. Elena decides to visit an adoption agency as an alternative option, where she meets lesbian novelist Peyton. the two hit it off and start spending a lot of time together and getting to know each other. eventually things heat up when Elena realizes that she has developed a strong attraction to Peyton who is wary of the situation. Peyton knows that Elena is married and has a child and tries to end the friendship before it leads to something more. but poor Elena…

First of all the "good" news: Everybody who loves "religiousness" as such will love this movie. Because it not only comes along as just another mere homosexual propaganda film, obviously in intention and attempt to make this kind of "non-straight" relationships socially acceptable. The second pseudo-religious effort of this film lies in immensely contributing to the at least also 2000 years old other myth of "the soul-mate" thing. For this purpose a non-gay guy is displayed who seems to be as impressively homosexual as unbearably precocious. The danger in "his" ideology – the so-called "two-flames" fairy-tale – lies in the eventually hopeless life-long search of the individual who believes and follows this saga, which practically means to be forever miserable. Since this movie is over-pretentious it is not surprising that it furthermore even pretends that everybody can and will find his or her "soul mate", equivalen…

Yes, my review is long, but I hope you'll hang in there. Tastes vary, but a couple of reviews here make me wonder what film the reviewers were watching. I completely disagree with anyone who says this was a bad film. I just watched countless short films and other "features" at the LGBT film festival, and I've seen bad. This wasn't it. In fact, I registered on this site for the first time because this movie…well…moved me, and I don't want anyone to be swayed from giving it a chance due to people posting reviews based on not having seen the movie. Seems like it would be akin to taking the advice of a friend who recommends a doctor based on walking through the lobby, filling out paperwork, and walking out. The beginning of the movie includes exposition but is anything but torturous. If you don't want to feel, laugh, and root for two women to find happiness together, by all means, ignore this flick. Otherwise, gather the popcorn and your girl (or guy…

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