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Posted on: March 15, 2013

Genres: Comedy , Adventure , Action
Actors: Milton Frome , Reginald Denny , Madge Blake , Stafford Repp , Neil Hamilton , Alan Napier , Frank Gorshin , Burgess Meredith , Cesar Romero , Lee Meriwether , Burt Ward , Adam West , Gil Perkins , Dick Crockett , George Sawaya
Director: Leslie H. Martinson
Country: United States
Year: 1966
IMDB Rating: 6.4/10 (15748 votes)

The archvillains of The United Underworld – The Catwoman, The Joker, The Riddler and The Penguin – combine forces to dispose of Batman and Robin as they launch their fantastic plot to control the entire world. From his submarine, Penguin and his cohorts hijack a yacht containing a superdehydrator, which can extract all moisture from humans and reduce them to particles of dust. The evildoers turn the 9 Security Council members in the United World Building into 9 vials of multicolored crystals! Batman and Robin track the villains in their Batboat and use Batcharge missles to force the sub to surface.

Film Review

Fans of Comics get a real laugh out this one. Detective Comics or DC for short get a taste of the big screen for the chance of stardom. Batman/Bruce Wayne(Adam West) and his sidekick Robin/Dick Grayson(Burt Ward) fight crime in Gotham City. They ride a super car called the Batmobile, and have other great Bat gadgets to boot. The villains of Gotham are always on the prowl: The Joker(Cesar Romero), The Penguin(Burgess Meredith), The Riddler(George Gershwin), and The Catwoman(Lee Meriwether). They have made the ultimate team up to go against the Cape Crusader and the Boy Wonder. If you are a fan of Batman, you should know that the rogues of Gotham City may be enemies of the duo, but they don't trust each other. Cause each villain have their own agendas. The action is all their, and so is the cheese factor. But everybody needs a little laugh once in a while, seeing all the reactions of a hit will leave you in stitches. ZAP! POW! SOK! BIFF! OOOF! Bat-Action is there, Bat-Laughter, and…

People who are more familiar with the more recent Batman films might be forgiven for wondering what is wrong with Batman in this film; has some dastardly super-villain shot him with a camp-ray? No it was just made in the '60s! Having watched the TV series as a child I had an idea what to expect but had forgotten just how comically camp this was; whether that makes it delightfully fun or just terrible will be a matter of opinion. I'm inclined to think it was fun but there are plenty of cringe worthy moments. The film opens with the kidnapping of Vice Admiral Fangschliester who is bringing his latest invention to the US; Batman and Robin rush to the scene but instead of finding the admiral Batman is attacked by an exploding shark! They quickly determine that the attack must have been the work of The Penguin, The Joker, The Riddler and Catwoman and set out to determine what they are up to. The plan is almost scuppered when the villains kidnap millionaire Bruce Wayne in order to…

It is difficult to speak of Batman(1966) without spoiling anything.From the very opening, the hilarity ensues… and the campy, corny feel of the movie delivers a consistent application of enjoyable entertainment, inter-sped with hijacking of the highest order, and humor of the finest grain! Most importantly, the use of Robin as a compliment to Batman is very astute and appropriate. Clever alliterations, and use of the world Holy in the most unexpected ways, ads levity and shakes the foundations of neo-social oppression based on fundamentalism and religion.Thus, this movie is even more appropriate now, in 2010, than when it was released in the mid to late 60s.

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