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Download An Unmarried Woman Full Movie | I Want To Download An Unmarried Woman The Film

Posted on: March 15, 2013

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Genres: Comedy , Drama , Romance
Actors: Jill Clayburgh , Alan Bates , Michael Murphy , Cliff Gorman , Patricia Quinn , Kelly Bishop , Lisa Lucas , Linda Miller , Andrew Duncan , Daniel Seltzer , Matthew Arkin , Penelope Russianoff , Novella Nelson , Raymond J. Barry , Ivan Karp
Director: Paul Mazursky
Country: United States
Year: 1978
IMDB Rating: 7.0/10 (2104 votes)

Erica is unmarried only temporarily in that her successful, wealthy husband of seventeen years has just left her for a girl he met while buying a shirt in Bloomingdale’s. The film shows Erica coming to terms with the break-up while revising her opinions of herself, redefining that self in its own right rather than as an extension of somebody else’s personality, and finally going out with another man. Erica refuses to drop everything for Saul, an abstract expressionist painter, simply out of love for him because he expects her to. It is not so much loneliness that is her problem, and the problems that men, flitting around this newly “available” woman like moths round a flame, bring to her sense of independence.

Film Review

I disliked An Unmarried Woman, starring Jill Clayburgh and Alan Bates. Clayburgh's character gets dumped by her philandering husband, of whom she suspected nothing of the sort. She keeps the gorgeous apartment and seems financially fit;something that seldom happens in real life. While wallowing in her grief and self-pity, on her first try she finds the perfect shrink and then her first date is a dashing, sensitive artist played by the dashing, sensitive Alan Bates. I saw this with another recently-divorced woman and we were rolling our eyes skyward throughout the movie, asking the good Lord for patience.Let's see a movie about a woman without any real marketable skills who gets dumped, with several children to care for, who has to depend on public social services for help? BTW, there's some value in comparing this to the 2005 movie The Upside of Anger, in which another woman, this time played by Joan Allen, gets dumped and, in her case, is left with four teenage daughters….

When I first saw An Unmarried Woman, I saw me! The same thing had happened to me. I felt like I was the only one something like this had ever happened to. Jill's performance was solid and right on and she should have won the Oscar! All of her supporting cast were great! I guess I am different, but I loved the music. It helped to make the movie outstanding! There are several films that when I saw them, they made such an permanent mark in my mind, I will see them over and over again.Looking for Mr. Goodbar is one. The Big Chill is another. Body Heat is a fantastic movie. When I saw Looking for Mr. Goodbar, I was sitting alone in the theater and when Tuesday Weld said, "No one should be along on New Year's Eve", I cried, because it was New Year's Eve.

who claims we are in a "man's world"- you should see this film- and realize how dated that comment is. This film was made in the late 1970's, and our society would hopefully be more advanced than it was then. At that time, divorce was taboo. People stayed together for "the sake of the children". Like Ang Lee's "The Ice Storm", people saw American suburbia unraveling, despite how many vacations they took, or how many cars they bought and extensions they built on their McMansions.Jill Clayburgh is good; and the therapist, Tanya Brickell, actually received a reprimand from the NYC Psychoanalytic Society for acting the role of a therapist. I remember when this film came out, people were "appalled"… . It seems the idea of divorce was considered revolutionary. Some of the dialog is a bit hard-boiled, like when Clayburgh tells Michael Murphy (Martin) that she was …"his hooker, by way of Vassar"… then he comments that her the…

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